Couch Mod

Author: Dave
Date: 08.17.10 - 5:39am

this is amusing. I am a tall guy and could not strech out on my couch without my feet hitting the end arm. I also had kind of a weird chair that matched my couch but was not comfortable in itself. It was an odd design, almost a love seat but not quite.

They had taken the same materials as the couch and made a chair out of it. so it was like a half couch with the cushions the same material and dimension as the couch cushions itself. It was never quite comfortable and it took up a ton of room in my small living room, but i hung onto it because it matched.

I was going to craigslist it the other day and had a funny thought go through my head. Wow, these are really built the same, each by themselves kinda suck...but if i combined them into one super sized couch now that would solve both problems.

An hour latter I now have a 9 foot couch that i can strech out on to my hearts content and you honestly cant even tell it wasnt factory except for an extra leg off center :)

Wish i had thought of that years ago!

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On 09.01.10 - 5:48pm Clintgeek wrote:
This. Thread. Is. Worthless. Without. Pics. (Youll have to imagine the smileys holding the signs...}

On 09.01.10 - 5:55pm dave wrote:
you mean...

hehe i was being lazy, fair enough pict up now :)

the off center leg is the ony cue something is up, (part of its charm to me for now :)

I will add a stained faceplate to that and add a fake 4th leg to balance it out then you will never know even by the legs. Even now its only visible with the coffee table out of the picture.

On 09.02.10 - 2:20pm Clintgeek wrote:
Freaking awesome. Stain that leg and add a dummy and I guarantee nobody will ever know. I love hacking and modding stuff like this. Nice job.

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