Ladder Rack

Author: Dave
Date: 12.15.12 - 1:19pm

I needed a nice place to put my ladder that was easy to get to. I had hung it on cross support under the front of the deck, but if i needed it in teh winter, I would have to shovel my way to it which can get gnarley. I did have a little cubby hole beside the steps to the deck, but I would need an easy way to slide it in and out lengthwise if I put it there.

I came up with a ladder rack with rollers on it so it slides in easily. Couple design notes, the deck planking is very thick (2x10) so I could just screw up into it with 6 small screws per side (24 in total)

I used a thin 1/4in piece of stock line up the two front supports. I actually drilled a hole through both pieces first (at the same time) and welded it in place with the lower rollers already in position to ensure alignment. This way I could install the whole support in one piece and not have to fuss with lining the two sides up. The reason i didnt use a heavier piece, is so that I could still bend the two sides around a little bit after welding to ensure the axel ran straight through and spun free.

The wheels are just pieces of 2x6 that i cut out on a bandsaw and drilled 9/16" mounting hole. The center axel is 1/2" tube, with a washer welded on one end, and a spring pin in the other. A length of 3/4 conduit goes over the axel between the wheels to keep them at the proper distance. A washer on the inside and outside of the wheel keeps it running free.

Works really slick!

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