ant bait

Author: Dave
Date: 05.25.18 - 2:30pm

So you have ants somewhere you dont really want to put out bait to keep it away from a place you normally handle food. Bait is way better in a corner somewhere but when you put it there, it could take a week for them to find it as they keep swarming your in use space.

Can we optimize this situation?

Why yes, yes we can.

Put the bait where you want it, trap a couple ants in a jar and then put the jar upside down over the bait in the nondescript spot. The ant will first be in panic escape mode and try to map out his entire surrounds and any possible exit route frantically.

Once he is resolved that he is trapped, his program will reset and he will rest and then go back into the peaceful mode where food drive can return.

After he gorges himself, remove the jar and he will go and find all his friends and invite them to the party.

Its interesting you can literally see into the ants programming enough to manipulate them like this. The code is simple and clear.

Then again there are people who can do this to humans as well. Even then tough i cant imagine we are 1/100000 as clear cut. We have pasts at play. but anyway all of thats a whole other story.

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On 11.09.18 - 4:54am Dave wrote:
also I read that ants have two different food drive modes. In one mode they are searching for protein, in the other they will gobble up sugary treats like the ant bait. At one point early spring I was having a problem where they would not eat Terro at all even if you trapped them in it, but they would devour all of their fallen brethren. Solution soak their fallen comrades in bottle caps of terro so they at least some juice with their veal.

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