Boom Microscope

Author: Dave
Date: 12.16.23 - 9:50am

I cant believe I dont have a post on this yet, but if you have the money, I cant recommend buying a good microscope heavily enough.

Once you get use to having one, you will never want to be without. Common uses for me include:
  • all soldering
  • sliver extraction
  • all small part inspection and fine print reading
  • glasses repair
  • bugs of course (including stinger and spider identification)
  • sharpening tasks
  • etc...
One $800 investment and it will literally last you a lifetime. I probably use it 3 times a week at least. Way more if I have a project going.

Things to look for, barlow lense for long focal length. Good illumination, good base and long reach, camera is nice even if you only use it once in a while. When you need a camera you need it. I forget the name, but some have the camera always active, some require you slide a thing and loose one eyepiece. Get the true trinocular version. For the money your spending and how long you will have it, the extra $100 is worth it. Amscope is a good brand.

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