Author: Dave
Date: 09.04.23 - 4:53am

Ok, I am ridiculous. I will accept it.

I had a 10yr old pair of shorts that started to rip in the ass end. I kept wearing them until they finally got a little to big. They are just wranglers, probably $12 new.

I am trying to evaluate if I am chronically cheap, lazy, frugal, or moral. I can confirm however I am not vain lol.

Soooo...I un-stitched the side pocket and used it for a patch. First I used some fabric glue to secure it where I wanted it. Then a quick and unskilled round with the sewing machine, and finally dabbed the frayed threads with some hot glue. Voila!

Cheap maybe, labor lazy - obviously not, shopping lazy - definitely so, frugal - check, moral? - as far as it applies check, vain of appearance - nope, vain of skills? - no its a crappy fix, amused? - yesssss.

The amusement aspect is probably the key. It kinda tickles me for some reason. And yes I will literally wear these out and about with total disregard for fashion. (And honestly I bet no one will ever notice)

You should have seen me when I used to be a mechanic. Walking around with giant grease stains on my jeans both thighs black with torn out knees.

Update: so like a week later it ripped on the other side in exactly the same way. Now I am proudly missing both side pockets.

The design flaw was, the rear internal pockets create a cinch spot in the pocket slits corner. Stress riser to tear.

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On 10.22.23 - 10:51am Dave wrote:
For ridiculous #2, I had an old cole man sleeping bag. Maybe 10 years old I keep by the couch for watching TV. The inner liner was all kinds of torn up with insulation showing everywhere.

I used liquid stitch on it several times to glue in some old bed sheet to give it more life. This probably extended the life another 2 years, but finally it was just a mess. But the damn thing is still warm and decent on the outside! Whats a guy to do?

Sooo. I went to the fabric store and found a nice fleece on sale for $5/yard. Bought two yards. Trimmed the sleeping bag to match (bag was 6x6, fabric was 5x6?). And shoddily sewed that puppy in there. Bag is even warmer than before.

The extra material (1x6) I sewed into a mini bag for my feet when I sit out on the deck in the cold. probably saved $15-20 but also there was no point in throwing it yet. It was still good.

Luckily even shitty sewing holds up pretty well. I must admit I do find satisfaction in avoiding waste.

I never imagined how much use I would have for a sewing machine. Initially I got it for some storm curtains, but have used for it for custom straps, at least 5 zipper repairs, upholstery etc.

I now have an appreciation for high quality heavy industrial zippers. So many cheap sweat shirts and jackets come with junk zippers. Even when the clothing item is junk now I will cut these zippers off for later.

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