Interwall Temperatures

Author: Dave
Date: 08.07.09 - 8:20am

want to know the exterior interwall temperature for your home? (useful metric on assessing insulation level and energy expenditure)

find a second story bathroom whose pipes come up inside an exterior wall.

run the hot water, as the old water in the pipes comes up before the fresh hot water, its temperature will have been equalized with that of the interwall space of the wall it was contained in (if it hasnt been used in a while)

just an interesting observation on how to get an obscure metric for a home of unknown insulatory status.

yes...i think a lot

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On 12.23.09 - 7:13am Dave wrote:
Julia, this is actually kinda funny. I just turned on a sink in my house that I had not used in a while, and was surprised when i subtle, brief flow of warm water out. I almost dismissed it, but then realized i had not used this tap yet this day. The cubbord below the sink felt slightly warm to the hand, but not enough to say so. Turns out one of the hot water baseboard heat pipes runs down to the basement using the same run as the water lines. A quick measurement with my contactless therometer confirmed a 120 deg pipe. They must only be in somewhat close proximity where they go down through the floor because the warm shot of water only lasts a brief period. Very interesting observation though. (note the water wasnt much above mean so I got lucky to notice it)

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