Portable Firepit

Author: Dave
Date: 08.01.11 - 9:40am

This is a quick and easy project which comes in quite handy.

Firepits are generally stationary, and even though they may have handles on the sides, they suck to try to move around by yourself. Couple that with not wanting to move them when they are hot (usually when others are around to help) you generally end up leaving them sit in one place for the season.

The problem with this is that it disrupts your mowing zen, leaves you another object to weed wack around, and torches the grass underneath it all at once.

So, what you need is a way to move it around easily. The project below took an hour or two and solves all of these problems, including keeping the heat away from the grass so you dont end up with a huge brown spot under the firepit.

If your wood is a little damp, you can put it on the platform under the firepit and it will dry out quite nicely from the heat of the fire by the time you are ready to use it

Other projects you may be interested include:

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