Glacier Bay Water Cooler

Author: Dave
Date: 06.24.23 - 4:52pm

The Glacier Bay hot/cold water cooler is not a sanitary design :(

I was looking for a water cooler only, but could only find machines with hot and cold. This causes a problem in that the unused side, the water will stagnate and grow nasties.

Additionally, on units that have a single shared water outlet, there is an another problem...there is a T between the two valves. If you only use the cold water, the shared T on the outlet side of the hot water valve will be filled, but never drain. Again growing all kinds of nasties!

I started getting a weird taste, then a giant glob of floating black shit plopped out a week later. Took me a while to figure out where that came from!

Also, if you drain it and leave it unused for a while, you must know about the drain plug at the back of the machine. Without draining that the hot water tank will remain full and get nasty.

I didnt want to junk the machine, but it really had to be reworked. (Note that its not really made to be serviceable)

So here is what I did.
  • Remove the hot water tank
  • clip the wires and secure.
  • Disable the hot water power switch it never powers anything.
  • plug the overflow tube from main reservoir
  • tear out the water nozzle and remove T tubing
  • re-route drain line straight from main reservoir to back drain
  • take an extra elbow tube and hook it directly to cold water valve outlet

Thats a lot of work and some tight fishing without taking it all apart.

In the end, just buy a different model.
If you dont need hot water, get a cold water unit only.
Do not buy a unit with a single shared outlet for both hot and cold.

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