Nokia HeadPhones Stuck

Author: Dave
Date: 03.24.16 - 2:22pm

If you have a Nokia Lumina it may get stuck in headphone mode because the headphone jack is a poor design.

You may have to disassemble your phone and remove the old one while the new one is in the mail. Good news, you can order a new one for like 3 dollars on ebay. Bad news you have to take the phone apart to get the old one out and keep using it in the mean time.

Below is a picture of the connections that get stuck together:

There is a little pin on the inside of the jack that pushs the one plate into the other. When these two plates are in contact, the phone thinks there is a headphone plugged in. After time the plate bends, or just gets gummed up, and they are always in contact. There is hardly any return spring pressure on the tiny moving plate.

You may not have the right driver to get the screws out. They are torx T5, but to get to the screw at the bottom of the headphone jack, I actually had to turn down my bit in a metal lathe. This was from a Husky precision 36piece set.

Also there is probably a lot of lint packed hard into the bottom of the headphone jack. It can be hard to get the torx seated. Try some very fine tweasers first or some air blast. It was really surprising just how much was down in there!

I use a case on my phone, I think I am going to fit a sliding cover over the headphone jack to try to keep crap out of it.

Here is a video on how to take a Lumina 920 apart.

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