Couch Mod2

Author: Dave
Date: 10.09.12 - 5:22am

So my initial couch mod of turning a 6ft couch and a 3ft loveseat into a 9ft super couch went well. Its been 2yrs and wanted to try another mod. (Plus the cushions on the end where i always plop down are getting a bit tired)

This time around I put the far arm back on teh 6ft couch section so its standard, and I added legs to just the love seat portion so it could free stand without its arm. I now have a nice little sectional couch which is almost like a chaise lounge. (which i have been looking for).

I have some extra foam and black vinyl, I think I am also going to try my hand at making a small little extender to fit between the loveseat and the couch to squeeze another another 2ft in length out of the modified part.

Its interesting how adaptable furniture can be if its made in (or can be coerced to be) a modular design.

The upholstered bits you see are bumpers to keep the exposed wood of the frame from rubbing/scuffing the leather on the front of the couch. The hardware you see attached to the underside, are the original parts needed to reattach the missing arm. (so i dont loose them!)

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