Haier Default Temp

Author: Dave
Date: 08.23.14 - 9:11am

As per the last post, I also wanted to apply this mod to my Haier 8 bottle wine cooler to reset the default temperature up to 70 degrees.

It was super easy on the haier. Since the controls are in the door, they were nice enough to include connectors in a cable way below it so you could remove the door without cutting wires. Its very easy to create a simple wiring harness that runs one of the wires through a potentiometer and voila. You now have a new default temperature for the cooler.

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On 08.23.14 - 10:59am Dave wrote:
Note the Haier only reads the temp sensor once every 5 seconds, just realize that when you first go to adjust the pot and the temp display doesnt change right away.

Very pleased with how clean final installation came out!

On 08.23.14 - 3:49pm Dave wrote:
here is the 10k potentiometer I used for these.

One wire goes directly between the two plugs, and one wire is run through the pot. When wiring the pot, use the center pin, and one of the outside pins. Does not matter which one.

On 05.27.18 - 7:10am Dave wrote:
Procedure for adjusting the temp:

It can be a little tricky to think about.

so first unplug the cooler for a couple seconds and plug it back in. This will cause it to forget any temp changes set by the up and down and arrows and (for mine) it will then want to reset back to the default temperature of 54 deg. You no longer want to use the up and down arrows to adjust temp (otherwise on powerout it would reset and jack up your humidity/temp).

So with that reset turn your pot to the center of its travel so you have room to go in each direction. actually if you turn it all the way one way it will do not effect the default temp at all, and if you turn it all the way the other way it will not cool much. you can figure that out right there to know which direction to turn. Turn direction depends on which lead you soldered to on pot.

Now you put some kind of digital thermometer in the cooler so you can see it through the window. let the cooler run until the temp stabilizes. you might not want cigars in there to prevent humidity swings. letting the fridge come up to room temp with the door open first might make the process faster too.

so once the temp stops changing, the built in digital read out on the front panel of the cooler will say whatever its default temp is..probably 54, while the temp on your thermometer on the inside will read something higher.

Lets say the cooler says 54 and the one you added says 64 and you want it to run at 70. You are only 6 degrees from your target. You can turn the pot until the built in cooler display reads 48. So now the cooler thinks its to cold and will stop working until it comes up to what it thinks is 54, which will actually be 70.

Using this technique you should be able to hit your target temp on the first or second adjustment of the pot. Hope that helps. It takes my little fridge about 10-15 minutes from a room temperature of 75 to make it to where its set.

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