Trailer Cover

Author: Dave
Date: 10.29.13 - 7:04am

I wanted to put a cover on a small utility trailer I have been rebuilding for the winter months to keep the rain/snow out of the bed, preserve the wood/bolts a bit longer, and maybe use it for some improvised storage while not in use.

Below are some pictures of what I came up with. I used hooks on one side so that it was automatically centered and aligned in the proper position when put on. Bungies on the other side stretch it tight. The front is screwed on, so the cover can never fly off on the road, with again bungies in teh back.

The backdoor was reworked with hinges so it opens out to the side (away from traffic) so I can still open it with the cover in place.

The wood framework is held down with the tarp, the front cross piece is screwed to the top grip bar with some conduit mounts, and the back sits in a groove the tailgate used to slide up out of. The wood beams are screwed to each end piece with one dry wall screw, and sit in channels cut in the two center pieces. The center beam has blocks glued before and after both center cross pieces to keep them from being able to rotate down.

Mid december now, cover is holding up to the snow load. We currently have about 1.5ft and the bottom 10in is heavy stuff.

Update: 11.21.15 Two years in, time to make a new tarp for it. Took the opportunity to add in a couple more supports real quick. The one that will make the most difference however are the little blocks added to the two center OSB cross supports. They will lock the long lengthwise supports to the OSB pieces. It was really annoying that these pieces could rotate and not stay in position or just fall out when moving it around. You will also notice the wood looks a bit aged, this is on me and happened all in the last 2 mos. A friend borrowed it and ripped the tarp so I never bothered to put it back on and just left it out. Aged pretty quick completely exposed to the elements. The old tarp was pretty beat though and was time to switch out, sun took its toll and water was seeping through in some places.

Comments: (3)

On 05.23.20 - 9:19am Dave wrote:
7 years later and this is still in use no repairs needed yet. I even was lazy and left it sitting out in the rain on the ground with no cover sometimes..that was a pretty bad idea but i was curious how much the osb could take.

On 04.30.21 - 8:43am Dave wrote:
one of the long pieces finally failed this winter, very long splintering probably starting at a knot. 8 winters! not bad. The two end pieces only had a single screw going into the long ribs, that was a weakness too, should sit in a notch or have support below it. I also left it sit on the ground unprotected for long spells several times, not great for osb. I think I can patch it up and get some more life out of it yet. Totally worthwhile project and I cant say I even built it particularly well to start with.

On 08.28.22 - 12:13pm Dave wrote:
Built a new cover 8/22 from an aluminum truck cap. details here

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