VB6 Wish List

Author: Dave
Date: 01.19.12 - 1:49pm

here is my little wish list for the things I wish VB6 had native support for.

  • unsigned int and long types
  • inline asm
  • ability to link with C lib and obj files
  • ability to define multiple classes in one file
  • on error handling is a little kludgy but simple
  • ability to compile the runtime functions and common ocx code right into the binary for no dependancy distribution
Things I am glad it doesnt have
  • class inheritance - causes more confusion and code hunting than its worth plus objects can get really big in intellisense really fast which makes learning new code more time consuming.
C# is actually a decent language, with a nice set of libraries, but it is also pretty bloated. And I hate that I have to have multiple versions of the .NET runtime installed on my machine at once. gigabytes lost

WHen M$ is done with their break neck innovation and ogghh shinneyyyy phase, I hope they will come back to earth and ground themselves in tryign to create stable technologies instead of tryign to chase (and create) media blitz (WPF anyone?)

All i really want is a stable business language that doesnt have a zillion features that help people write confusing code, is easys to write stable UIs in and can integrate with other languages well. I will not relearn my ABCs every other year and fuck you for trying to make me.

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