coding philosophy

Author: Dave
Date: 01.25.11 - 5:28am

here is a contemplative thought i had this morning

Now i understand the way code is written can be artful, it can be elegant, and you can want to make it refined.

I have to be honest, i have kind of passed that stage. I am no longer intrigued about how to sculpt the code just so. Now i fall into the camp of just wanting to bang shit out.

Now the sculpture is the overall functionality, usability, intutive features etc. I almost dont care about how the code looks as long as its stable and good enough to be readable and maintainable. The actual coding implementation is just busy work and treated as such.

An analogy i use sometimes, is that its like seeing the world as grains of sand. If you see and study each grain, you may understand some very intricate things and rejoice in their beauty at that level, but with your sight so refined, you are also sacrificing the view of the bigger picture.

This is why a business is typically run a group of individuals. The engineers see the sand and figure out how to implement the visions, the management deals with designing the big picture.

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