Circuit board holders

Author: Dave
Date: 12.17.23 - 5:55pm

So those magnetic circuit board holders are a pretty neat design. When working under the microscope I always need something that holds the board securely, and very close to the table so that I can get a good focus on it under the scope.

I already had one of those 3rd hands things with the alligator clips and a metal base, didnt want to have to buy yet another $30 contraption for the bench. The clips , not great for holding things low to table and not really that secure.

Could not find the magnetic holders on their own, so figured I would see what else was available. Magnetic Pins are readily available for holding stuff to your fridge. Ok, now we need some kind of grip and support surface.

3/8 faucet washer with a slit cut into it does the trick beautifully. The tapers on the pins allows you to wedge the board in, pushing the washer down on the lower taper and giving it a spring force up. Holds circuit boards in there very nicely.

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