Humidor AutoWater

Author: Dave
Date: 12.07.14 - 7:44am

As part of the Web-enabled humidor project, one of the next goals that I would like to accomplish is to have the humidity level automatically maintained and monitored. The monitoring part is complete a long with a web front end for viewing, notice time to start designing the software, hardware, and hydraulic parts of the watering system.

The code additions were actually very minimal,all of the real labor is in designing and testing of reliable hydration method for the humidity beads.

below is a video for my first test setup. I will be running this in my backup humidor for a while until I get it stable and work all the bugs out.

one correction to the dialogue and the video, it is actually a pulldown resistor and the purpose is to prevent the transistor from ever being in a floating state and potentially turn on unexpectedly.

Code Addition was a simple:

#ifdef autowater
	//do we need to support multiple pumps based on which sensor? 
	//are the sensors in diff humis? -> pumpPin[i], lastPumped[i]
	//or are they at multiple levels of same one..most users will be this..
	//waters a max of once every 2 hours (6 updates / 30 min interval)
	if(lastPumped > 250) lastPumped = 7; else lastPumped++;
	for(uint8_t i=0; i < sensorCount; i++){ 
	   if(humi[i] <= 66 && lastPumped > 6){
		   lcd_out("Autowater Mode");
		   sprintf(tmp, "humi[%d]=%d s=%d", i, humi[i],sprayFor);
		   digitalWrite(pumppin, HIGH);
		   delay(sprayFor * 1000); 
		   digitalWrite(pumppin, LOW);
		   watered = 1;

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