DJI Firmware

Author: Dave
Date: 12.05.23 - 6:08pm

So DJI is a bit of a nazi with their firmware and I dont quite understand it.

Just got an old pair of V1 FPV goggles off of ebay the other day that still had 1.0.0600 firmware on them. All of my gear is 1.0.608 so I had to update them. The DJI assistant gave me a large choice of firmware to upgrade or downgrade to which I was surprised by and thought was great.

After I updated to, now all of the other firmware options were gone poof. I was forced to go to 608 on all my other gear for a similiar no downgrade option when I got a new drone. It kills me because one new piece of gear and now I have to upgrade like 12 other devices which is super stupid.

So today I got another new drone in with a full sized air unit. After I activated it, it was currently on 1.0.608 and gave me a bunch of choices to downgrade to. What is going on? Is this just because it was a new device so I get max compatibility out of the box, but once you upgrade then everything older is out forever more? That seems to be the case.

But the question is why rule the firmware with such an iron fist? Its completely anti consumer. This is also the reason I will never switch from the V1 gear*. They do not have my trust.

A bunch of people come to me for FPV recommendations. and this is what I am passing on to all of them. Anything other than used I will recommend a different system.

*Its kind of the same story with VB6, dead product is the most stable. This Vendors finally stop screwing with you.

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On 12.05.23 - 6:36pm Dave wrote:
Since all firmware is queried after you login, I wonder if the old goggles gave me the extended choice because I was logging in from an account not previously registered to those goggles? So they knew it was a sale and might be a compatibility issue?

Just tested this with a second account and was still locked to the latest version only. Fuckers. Goggles are a one way upgrade once you hit 608

On 12.07.23 - 6:43am Dave wrote:
new caddx vista - they try to auto update the firmware to 1.0.1000 after activation, but you can cancel. It still comes with 1.0.608 and also offers the option to downgrade to 1.0.600. At least they arent being total asshats on new devices. Im not willing to do the 608 refresh and see if the 600 option disappears. I also reconnected the device again after first activation and the 600 downgrade option was still there. (taking nothing for granted here)

On 12.11.23 - 10:14pm Dave wrote:
Full sized air unit at 1.0.600 gave me full upgrade and downgrade options. Upgraded to .608 then Disconnected and restarted pc connected again, still had the full range of upgrade and downgrade options available. It’s all a bit capricious now isn’t it…

On 12.30.23 - 12:03am Dave wrote:
the only thing that would make sense, is if they used different chips in various models. So newer firmware might support old devices, but old firmware might not support newer devices. Chip shortages from covid era probably made it suck on this front too. And they wouldnt care to rework any older firmwares for greater compatibility. I kinda hate embedded software in these regards...

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