Arduino w/ win2k

Author: Dave
Date: 02.13.16 - 9:30am

so I have an old win2k laptop with a parallel port i use for CNC stuff. It can run XP, but it even slower then so I went with win2k.

I googled to make sure Arduino would work with Win2k, and they said it could, but you had to update the usbser.sys driver to the WinXP version.

Slightly involved to replace the system file because of windows file protection. Net wisdom said to use a boot disk (it still has a floppy lol). I ended up using a linux livecd to replace the file, but didnt seem to take.

Being lazy I took another tact. You can just disable Windows File protection and replace the file directly from within Windows 2k explorer.

Check out Daniel Pistelli's trickwfp tool from 2004. Worked like a charm.

You can get a compiled version here

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