Drone drop mechanism

Author: Dave
Date: 03.07.24 - 6:12am

So boys will be boys, I ended up putting a drop mechanism on one of my quads for fun. We have already used it for parachute drops and glider tows. Kinda neat.

I started with a commercial unit off of amazon. It was 86 grams on its own plus a universal mounting plate I added.

Works well but uses a large servo so I wanted to see if I could redesign it some.

I ended up modifying a 1" snap release shackle. These are on load release devices designed for a small force to release a larger load. I think they are typically used in sailing. This concoction is currently 54g.

On a servo tester I was able to release a 6 lb static load with the micro servo shown. (the glider weights 2.5lbs)

I think we can get the release force and weight down even further by increasing the length of the bail and making the hang point closer to the hinge so even more weight goes into the frame and hinge. Probably a perfect part for 3d printing if I had one.

Will give it a shot this weekend with the new release mechanism. Should be fun. Drone is a Titan XL5 6s.

I will do a quick post on building the parachute in another post in the life hacks blog later.

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