Js Beautify From VB6 or C#

Author: Dave
Date: 08.05.10 - 4:40pm

There is a cool script from jsbeautifier.org that does a really good job of straightening out run together javascript.

They also offer a js file that implements this code. With the MS Script Control, you can trivially include this functionality in your VB6 apps (or any COM aware language that can host the script control)

I have included samples for VB6 and C# in the download zip.

VB6 example below. sc is a script control object with language=jscript.

Update: Demo project download

sc.AddObject "text1", Text1, True
sc.AddCode ReadFile(App.Path & "\beautify.js")
sc.AddCode "text1.text = js_beautify(text1.text);"
text1 = replace(text1, vblf, vbcrlf)

(syntax highlighting control is devcontrol that ships with sleuth)

Comments: (5)

On 07.12.13 - 5:18pm john wrote:
Doesnt work with the latest versions of JSBeautifier Im afraid.

On 07.13.13 - 5:07am Dave wrote:
Hi, the current beautify script still works with a slight modification. Remove the first line: "(function() {" and last line "}());"

On 08.28.13 - 4:13pm Joseph wrote:
Thanks for the tip! I was wondering why it didnt work too. Keep up the good work!

On 12.22.17 - 1:02am rosebk wrote:
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On 12.22.17 - 8:32am Dave wrote:
Hi Rose, I know I could try to make money off of all of the knowledge I have assembled and work I have done.

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