VB6 IDE Enhancements

Author: Dave
Date: 05.08.23 - 6:25am

Some people complain the VB6 IDE is to old and crusty when compared to modern IDEs.

VB6 developers will acknowledge it has some shortfalls, but complain that modern IDEs are incredibly bloated and take forever to launch or start every single debug session. VB6 starts in a flash, as do debug sessions.

Luckily VB6 supports addins which can bring the IDE into the 20th century. Here are my favorites.

Number 1 must have is the mouse wheel fix from microsoft to add mouse scroll support to the code editor windows.

Next is my fast build addin. Normally VB6 requests you to select the output filename every single compile. This addin allows you to set it once and never see that dialog again. It also includes some extras such as a memory viewer, code database, hex number tool tips in debugger, ability to redirect debug.print to an external UI, enhanced API viewer, Quick Addref, Add Multiple Files, and ability to run post build commands.

The next addin, is CodeView by Patrick De Groot. This awesome addin docks in the IDE and gives you a quick clickable class explorer showing all the methods, properties, events of the current code module.

Finally if your doing a large project, sometimes you need the ability to break up the source files into smaller related subunits in the project explorer. The ability to create source code groupings really can become necessary as you deal with larger amounts of files. For this we have Big Project Manager or ColinE66's Project Explorer.

As an extra bonus, if you like tabs, there are also several good stable tab addins that will really help you out such as CodeHelp or ColinE66's Tabstrip.

Copies of all of these (and more) can be found in my VB6 addins

The following screen shot shows both CodeView and Big Project Manager

Comments: (2)

On 08.08.23 - 9:23am Luc Spoelders wrote:
VB6 addins repository link is not working Looking forward for the addins!

On 08.09.23 - 3:06am Luc Spoelders wrote:
Thnaks for the link! (VB6 addins)

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