Remote Data Extraction

Author: Dave
Date: 09.03.16 - 1:57pm

As a programmer you have probably had the experience where you are using some 3rd party tool and really want the data that is locked away in a listbox, listview, treeview or embedded IE window but had no way to get at it because they failed to offer a copy option.

This really annoys me, the data is right there..I can see it, I dont want to have to recreate generating it. Can I grab a copy of it somehow?

The answer is yes! First for end users, you can grab yourself a copy of Nirsoft's SysExporter

For the vb6 developers among us I have just finished tracking down all the relevant code to grab the data programmatically from each of these types of controls. You can find it on github here

You can either clone the data to your own control directly, or just extract the text from the target in a remote process. Processes will have to be at same privilege level or greater (so might want to run as administrator on Vista+)

Code can extract data from the following controls in external processes:
  • combobox
  • listview
  • listbox
  • treeview
  • IE browser window

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