CodeView Addin

Author: Dave
Date: 06.02.14 - 4:25am

Last week I stumbled across a cool new vb6 addin by Patrick de Groot called CodeView.

It adds a classview like dockable form to the VB6 IDE showing the current objects methods, properties, events and constants in a nice treeview. Clicking an entry brings up the source code window and jumps to the right line for you.

This is a really handy code navigation feature that I had wanted for a long time. I played around with it a bit and added a filter textbox to allow you to trim the results .

Another addition I made, was to include a Find-All feature that lets you search all the files in the project (or group) for target strings. Results are grouped per file, and then displayed showing line number, procedure, and line text. Clicking on a specific result navigates to that line in the code.

The core of the search routine comes from the Code Fixer addin by Roger Gilchrist.

Thanks guys! Viva la Open Source Reveloution!

Great code navigation tools to have at your fingertips. My modified version is available in my addins repository

The VB6 IDE Plugin architecture isnt very documented, and not necessarily the most straight forward, but it is really powerful!

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