Addin Hook Events

Author: Dave
Date: 04.10.14 - 4:39am

Ok this is kind of cool and I couldnt find any examples to it online, but I figured it would be valid.

The VB6 Addin model allows you to enumerate all of the menus and toolbar buttons in the IDE. You can get their caption, and execute them based on a reference you obtain from enumeration.

It also stood to reason, that if you can get a reference to them, you can also hook into their events and be notified when the user clicks them.

I was looking for:
  • a way to automatically click the default Make menu since I didnt like the behavior of the MakeCompiledFile API
  • a way to be notified when the user hit the Run toolbar icon to start debugging so I could clear the immediate window.
Turns out both are possible :)
Dim mcbRealStartButton As Office.CommandBarControl
Private WithEvents mnuRealRun As CommandBarEvents 'hook into existing controls events

Set mcbRealStartButton = FindRunButton()
If Not mcbRealStartButton Is Nothing Then
      Set mnuRealRun = VBInstance.Events.CommandBarEvents(mcbRealStartButton)
End If

Private Sub mnuRealRun_Click(ByVal CommandBarControl As Object, handled As Boolean, CancelDefault As Boolean)
    If ClearImmediateOnStart = 1 Then
       On Error Resume Next
       Dim oWindow As VBIDE.Window
       Set oWindow = VBInstance.ActiveWindow
       SendKeys "^{Home}", True
       SendKeys "^+{End}", True
       SendKeys "{Del}", True
    End If
End Sub

Private Function FindRunButton() As Office.CommandBarControl
    Dim cbToolbar As Office.CommandBar
    Dim cbSubMenu As Office.CommandBarControl
    For Each cbToolbar In VBInstance.CommandBars
        'Debug.Print "Toolbar: " & cbToolbar.Index
        'If cbToolbar.Index = 17 Then Stop
        For Each cbSubMenu In cbToolbar.Controls
            'Debug.Print vbTab & cbSubMenu.caption
            If cbSubMenu.caption = "&Start" Then
                Set FindRunButton = cbSubMenu
                Exit Function
            End If
End Function

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On 04.24.14 - 4:53am Dave wrote:
turns out there is a dark side to this trick..the IDE automatically disables all addin buttons when it enters run mode.

Apparently this extends to existing buttons whose events you tap into as well...

slightly annoying but not critical, Looking for a solution..

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