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Over the years I have invested heavily in product R&D building a wide assortment of new skills, and fostering a diverse background and understanding.

These are some of the papers I have developed along my journey that I make freely available to help others along.

Sandsprite Papers
VB6 P-Code / Reversing
Reverse Engineering / Binary Analysis
Visual Basic 6
  • VB6 Variable Initilization and Teardown - 2023

    In this article we will be looking at how VB6 initializes and cleans up module level variables. This query into the inner operations of the Runtime opens the door to some interesting new capabilities for binary analysis.

    This includes:
    • enumerating all live VB6 classes
    • discovery of private variables and types
    • dumping variables from live class instances
    • arbitrary script access to any live class

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