SysAnalyzer Updates

Author: David Zimmer
Date: 11.13.13 - 2:41am

I have slowly been doing updates to the SysAnalyzer/Malcode Analyst Pack codebase in my personal time, which i have just released live, that add some new automated analysis capabilities.

Here is a quick video detailing some of the updates. If the video looks fuzzy, make sure to set the quality to HD.

One correction for the video, i doubled checked the database, the reason some of the system dlls were showing up in red and being saved is because of windows update, sysanalyzer was detecting the patched files and alerting on it ;)

One other thing not shown in the video, is that you can manually open analysis folders in the report viewer interface after the fact. Its basically a specialized file system browser with malware analysis tools built in like directory hashing etc. You can even open the top level folder than contains a bunch of analysis folders, and compare and contrast them all from one interface jumping back and forth. This is turning out to be quite handy.

The Malcode Analyst Pack has also still been receiving some updates
  • Virustotal lookup can now submit files singularly or in bulk. This feature has been integrated with ShellExt.HashFiles which works on directories of files at once.

  • Sniffhit has been given a /log output option

  • ShellExt.HashFile(s) has been given some basic file detection capabilities, and more file actions. You can also configure your own menu items and actions with an external text file.

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