flash patching

Author: David Zimmer
Date: 09.26.12 - 6:03am

I mentioned in another post using adobes swfdump utility to generate a disassembly of flash opcodes. It outputs a huge amount of information, which is great, but its all dumped to a very very huge text file which makes exploring and digesting it hard to do by hand.

In order to really explore the wealth of data it outputs, I spent about 10hrs this weekend kicking out a quick log parser (project repo here). Click on an instruction, navigate to the offset in the built in hexeditor. This also allows us to very easily patch the swf to nop out instructions.
(click to enlarge)

This also game me the idea to try to make a quick IDA like editor for the disassembly. Using an integrated web browser control and some very basic html, I was able to codger together a way to:
  • click on links to jump to labels
  • forward and back buttons
  • rename labels and variables
  • interactively add comments to any line
(click to enlarge)

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