Graphing ideas

Author: David Zimmer
Date: 12.15.11 - 8:36am

so huge call chains and graphs in IDA can overwhelm the interface and your ability utilize the data. here are a couple thoughts of features I might add to the wingraph32 replacement. if you have any other ideas feel free to leave a comment.

  • select a node and only show X layers above or below. for hidden nodes, just replace them all with one node saying how many are hidden down that chain. click on this node to hide those above and expand another x layers below.

  • select a start and end node, and show only the path that connects them. hidden chains numbered by count hidden expandable as above.

  • ability to search and filter listview of node names

  • hide/select/highlight/annotate nodes based on function size (ignore small functions, include (xx bytes) next to node name)

  • right now Chart References from/to does not include win api or call eax execution transfers in its should, the replacement Ive made, could query IDA through the IDASrvr back channel to scan nodes listed (or selected depending on speed) and fill in the gaps. humm this might be next addition...
Features already in the new wingraph32
  • click on a node to navigate there in IDA
  • ability to rename nodes in graph and update in IDA
  • sequential rename of nodes based on depth with user set prefix (map an entire callchain by name and level in chain)
  • hide all nodes above/below selected node
  • hide selected/unselected nodes, ability to select nodes with drag box
  • ability to copy node list for view in notepad, and view in listview
Going to switch the IDA integration over from socket based to WM_COPYDATA based so things like Windows firewall dont break it.

Current UI (project available in the RE plugins git repository)

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On 01.19.12 - 1:55pm Dave wrote:
Found a very cool .NET library today called GraphSharp. Its free and open source and very smooth, however I have no idea how really use it yet. Creating graphs is easy enough, but attaching single click and right click events to the nodes is perplexing. and the rotten part is that its done in WPF and requires XAML is , well..yukky. Anyway if I figure it out, then its a slam dunk to use this free library over the 1200 lasalle or kludgy graphwiz.

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