VB6 Addin Missing Menus

Author: Dave
Date: 04.13.18 - 3:11am

Here is an annoying I just finally figured out today.

If you use VB6 IDE addins sometimes you will notice that various menu items start disappearing. If this happens you have to right click on the icon tool bar and choose customize/reset.

So apparently..if you add a button to toolbar or add a menu item, you must explicitly make sure to delete it on addin disconnect.

If you dont, VB will just randomly delete some other button or menu item and then save the setting in the registry for the next time you start it up as a secret little present.

If anything in your disconnect code throws an error, this can show up sporadically. You have to have error handling and tests everywhere because the VB6 IDE addin model can throw random errors often on startup or disconnect. Its somewhat annoying and doesnt seem perfectly stable but hey its what we have and its actually pretty good especially given the age.

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On 08.08.23 - 9:38am Luc Spoelders wrote:
I make the IDE looks like I want. Then make a .reg file ans start VB6 IDE with a helper exe where I first do the following Shell RegEdit.exe /S CProgram Files (x86)Microsoft Visual StudioVB98VB6 IDE UI Fix.reg VB6 IDE UI Fix.reg [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftVisual Basic6.0] UIhex59,00,00,.........

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