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Over the years I have invested heavily in product R&D building a wide assortment of new skills, and fostering a diverse background and understanding.

These are some of the papers I have developed along my journey that I make freely available to help others along.

Sandsprite Papers
VB6 P-Code / Reversing
Reverse Engineering / Binary Analysis
Web Apps
Visual Basic 6
  • Compressing Import Section - 2005

    Maybe more properly named "How to Remove Imports and Rebuild IAT Manually at Runtime".

    This is a quick paper and sample implemenation on how you can remove all of the imports from an exe and then load them manually yourself at runtime. This is a step often involved when creating trial ware wrappers or trying to "crack proof" your software.

    For clarity the code is implemented as a dll and does not actually compress the API function names list.
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