misc news/updates

Author: David Zimmer
Date: 04.15.17 - 4:03am

couple new RE related things.

I have been experimenting with porting scdbg over to run under the unicorn engine. You can find a blog post about it over at the FireEye FLARE blog. (local copy). I also just published another post on Remote Symbol Resolution

also created some new vb6 bindings for Unicorn, Capstone and Keystone. which have already publicly released in their main repos.

If you have ever had to work with AutoIt malware, make sure to check out the myAut2Exe decomplier.

I spent some time in the code base and have added the capability to brute force the decompilation options as well as a bulk sample processing mode.

The changes have been released back to the original author so hopefully they will make it into the public build sometime. You can find the modified version here (Note that it is now x.2 versions below the public and is missing some new capabilities):

In other news have been hitting the home shop projects hard lately to break up screen time. My remote control snowblower project is now complete!

Final note is on XP security. I havent bothered to validate it yet for sure in a live test, but any/all of the following should work to prevent eternalblue nsa exploit from working against XP.
  1. uninstall microsoft client network from adapter tcp ip properties
  2. enable tcp ip filtering leaving access to only the ports you actually need (this is an xp setting under the advanced tab)
  3. worst case you can delete the smb driver registry keys system
Of course you could also install the patch from MS..but at this point thats more like a band aid. I would just remove all smb exposure. Say it with me now folks..the more crap you have running on your PC that you dont understand and cant control, and the more complex a system is, the worse the security will be. Really basic stuff here..yes I am looking at you Win10.

I guess that about covers it for now, resume thine web browsering.

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