flash patching #2

Author: David Zimmer
Date: 06.17.15 - 4:36am

so the first time around I ended up writing a wrapper/browser for the adobe swfdump utility that also let me nop out target instructions to bypass checks. It was kind of crude but was the best I had at the time.

Latter i ended up finding an article by Matt Oh that used the RABCDAsm toolset. He also released his FlashHacker tool which piqued my interest.

I liked the idea, but since I am not a python developer I had to basically recreate the tool in vb6 so that I could experiment with the technique and have a platform to build off of.

Below is what I came up with as a front end for the RABC toolset and exploring the source tree:

If you have pdfstreamdumper installed, you should be good on the dependancies it requires to run. In other news, PDFStreamDumper also received an "ActionScript Processor" menu item under the js_ui deobsfuscation tools menu. This is designed to process an as3 sourcer decompilation result and auto renames all of the SafeStr__xx variables and functions to more readable names and allows the js_ui function list tools to operate on the ActionScript source (which is basically javascript). (It also removes many flash specific keywords like uint, boolean, string etc.. More specific things like Shader are left intact for readability.)

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