SysAnalyzer and Site Updates

Author: David Zimmer
Date: 12.12.15 - 12:24am

Small but handy update to SysAnalyzer yesterday.

From the process memory map, or RWE inject scan forms, you can search memory for a target string. Previously this was just a very basic check and it either flagged the alloc as containing it or not. It was also prone to hang on huge allocs.

This feature has been expanded to drastically speed up the memory search, eliminate the potential for hangs, and now includes a new form to act as a browser so you can navigate to each specific match.

The search supports regex, will find both Ascii and Unicode strings, and is case insensitive. Comes in very handy when fishing for data and not sure where it lives. Installer has already been updated.

Another small update, the hex editor ocx supports the option to right click search strings. A filter textbox has been added to the top of this form so you can quickly parse the result list. After updating this is available everywhere that control is used (including stream dumper)

Couldnt sleep the other night and needed it so figured it was time. Update only took about 4hrs, wish I had done it sooner.

In other news I have also given each of the old iDefense releases a more visible home on the net. They are now featured on the main page of my site so people (and search engines) can find them more easily. I have also spent some time updating the help files and making them accessible online as well.

Hard to believe SysAnalyzer and MAP are now a decade old!

For those following the IoT Humidor project, it has just received a comprehensive help file as well. I am currently tinkering with a touch screen version that mounts flush to the side of the humidor as well. I have to say Arduino is really an awesome platform.

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