ida js w/dbg

Author: David Zimmer
Date: 10.18.15 - 3:56am

So I finally found some free time this weekend to integrate the duktape debugger activex control I created with the IDA JScript interface.

Only took about 5hrs to get it swapped out and working.

Download Installer here.

You can find the git repo here

Note: Not sure if I can/will ported this to work with 64bit IDA 7. Ecmascript E5/E5.1 does not support the full range of 64bit numbers and more here, although there are a few JS libraries around that can handle larger numbers, BigNumber and Int64"

I have a 32bit IDASRVR now working with 64bit addresses..will experiment..If it makes the scripting to bulky it might not be worth it..

quick overview:
  • script ida using javascript
  • full syntax highlighting, brace matching, auto indent, tool tips
  • intellisense
  • full debugger support, step in/out/over, breakpoints, mouse over variable vals
  • debugger cmdline to query/set vals, run functions etc
  • small IDA plugin as an IPC server with main UI as running out of process to simplify development.
  • currently supports following api at time of writing:
    • list object: AddItem Clear ListCount Enabled
    • fso object: ReadFile WriteFile AppendFile FileExists DeleteFile OpenFileDialog SaveFileDialog
    • app object: die intToHex t ClearLog Caption alert getClipboard setClipboard BenchMark AskValue Exec EnableIDADebugMessages
    • ida object: isUp Message MakeStr MakeUnk LoadedFile() PatchString PatchByte GetAsm InstSize XRefsTo XRefsFrom GetName FunctionName HideBlock ShowBlock Setname AddComment GetComment AddCodeXRef AddDataXRef DelCodeXRef DelDataXRef FuncVAByName RenameFunc Find Decompile Jump JumpRVA refresh Undefine ShowEA HideEA RemoveName MakeCode FuncIndexFromVA NextEA PrevEA funcCount() NumFuncs() FunctionStart FunctionEnd ReadByte OriginalByte ImageBase() ScreenEA() QuickCall
    • remote object: ScanProcess ResolveExport ip response


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On 09.30.17 - 3:09am Dave wrote:
IDA Compare will need similar updates and might just get converted to use IDASRVR as well and move the IDB exporter to the out of process GUI part. In practice it may take a while not because its hard, but because I dont care. I still use IDA 6.7 despite having access to the newer versions for exactly these types of upgrade reasons.

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