JS Debugger

Author: Dave
Date: 07.21.15 - 1:51pm

I figured I would cross post this here as its of interest. I think I am going to do a spin off the js_ui form from streamdumper into its own javascript analysis tool. After a really long time, a couple pieces of the puzzle have fallen together and I now have an embeddable javascript debugger that I can easily use from vb.

for those with geeky interests the source repo is here Another experiment I did along the way was using the QtScript Debugger from vb. both work nicely, but for my needs, duktape is the winner. Below is the QtScript demo vid:

Having a nice JS debugger on hand goes beyond just one tool. I use automation scripts in my projects a lot all the way back to Sleuth Script in like 2000 (Now i am feeling old!). Anyway I have longed for an embeddable JS debugger for sooo long!

The first integrated debugger i built (not including the x86 native iDbg debugger library used in COMRaider) was for ScriptBasic. Luckily I was able to re-use most of its interface code for this project.

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