Author: David Zimmer
Date: 06.11.18 - 11:53am

So this summer I am taking some extended personal time off and working on the vbdec project mentioned in the last post. Part of my PTO though is that I need time for my tendonitis to really heal up and go away for good.

I am currently looking for an intern or aspiring hacker who wants to help out on the project. You would basically be my hands as we sit shoulder to shoulder and figure out tons of intricate reversing details.

We will be working on writing a pcode debugger and refining the pcode disassembler in vbdec. We will also have to spend allot of time looking at the guts of vb6 apps, structs, and working in native debuggers, hex editors etc.

I could just use a local secretary type assistant but figured this opportunity would be pure gold for an aspiring reverser to get a massive brain dump of learning as they see first hand how to figure all this stuff out.

I wanted to at least throw the thought out there since a secretary cant absorb any of this info or valuable experience.

I am located outside of Erie PA, although have been considering spending the summer somewhere in VT or Maine as well. Could be a week or two thing here and there as I travel or a steady thing at home base.

Feel free to contact me at for details if interested.

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