GPG Automation

Author: David Zimmer
Date: 12.28.09 - 11:49am

Ok this is stupid how long it took to find this out. Needed to run commandline PGP decryption using a multitude of possible keys/passwords.

Using GPG that installs with current WinPT. Add all your keyfiles to your ring.

To get which encrypted key to use from the encrypted file:

gpg -v --no-tty --list-packets file.gpg

To decrypt the file:

gpg -o [output file] --passphrase [your pass] -d [input file]

Most examples showed using a pipe and having to write the pass to a file. This seems better to me. Could not find an example of how to list the recipients anywhere, got lucky figuring that out. The no-tty makes it so that it doesnt ask for a password, the -v makes it spit out necessary key id info.

Turns out there is a fly in teh soup too.
gpg -v --no-tty --list-packets c:\gpg\a.gpg
:pubkey enc packet: version 3, algo 16, keyid E97BE7C2AD562E69     
        data: [2044 bits]
        data: [2046 bits] 
	gpg: public key is 760F67F9 
	gpg: using subkey 760F67F9 instead of primary key D08C9368
	gpg: using subkey 760F67F9 instead of primary key D08C9368
	gpg: Sorry, no terminal at all requested - can	 get input
So the first keyid, I cant find anywhere in the ui or other gpg cmd line output. and the other key numbers which are visible..are not captured in the stdout stream by php exec or passthru. Cute.

Also found for a master list of gpg can gpg --dump-options

hey there we go

gpg --batch --logger-file c:\log.txt --list-packets [enc fpath]

Finally found a way all the gpg: lines are recorded. that makes life easier.

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On 01.12.10 - 8:15am Dave wrote:
random php niceity. if you want to add a series of unique keys to a hashed array (like a vb collection with name to value lookup) the following line will do it for you $gpg_keys[$key_id] = $key_id;

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