Exe as DLL

Author: David Zimmer
Date: 10.25.10 - 5:28pm

quick update to my Using_an_exe_as_a_dll article today.

Was analyzing some code that was dumped from a memory injection. No api were used in the target section, and no relocations in that section either. It wouldnt load with loadlibrary (at first anyway) so i went an even simplier route.

Create a VirtualAlloced section at teh desired address, Load the file into the mem buffer, and call directly into it like you would when testing shellcode.

Worked like a charm. Originally i was calling into a point that did need some fixups, still good you just have to manually do them yourself. You could add in a couple api in this manner if you really had to too just makes your loader a bit more to debug. (kinda speaks to how shitty of task you are doing when you do stuff like this huh? :)

int LoadFileAtAddress(char* filename, unsigned int address, unsigned int padding){


	HANDLE h =  (HANDLE)OpenFile(filename, &o , OF_READ);
		printf("Could not open file %s\n", filename);
		return 0;

	int bufsz = GetFileSize(h,NULL);
	if( bufsz == INVALID_FILE_SIZE){
		printf("Could not get filesize\n");
		return 0;

	printf("Allocation Base: %x  Size: %x  Padding: %x  End: %x\n", address,bufsz, padding, address+bufsz+padding);
	bufsz += padding;

	printf("Trying to clear way for alloc...\n");
	int x = address;
	while(x < address+bufsz+padding){
		UnmapViewOfFile( (void*)x );
		FreeLibrary( (HMODULE)x );
		x += 0x1000;

	void* mem = VirtualAlloc((void*)address,bufsz, MEM_RESERVE | MEM_COMMIT, PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE);

		printf("Could not obtain desired base address...");
		return 0;

	ReadFile(h, mem, bufsz ,&l,0);
	return (int)mem;

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