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Note: Sleuth has not been updated since 2003. While still functional it has been superceeded by newer tools and only remains available as a matter of historical context.

1.4.2 SleuthSetup.exe - Changelog , ScreenShot

Full Installer packages both the free and commercial versions of Sleuth together, along with all dependancy files needed for Windows ME/XP/2000. (Windows 98 Users See below)

Installer comes with:

Note: If you don't have IE 5.5, you will need to update the Windows Script Host or upgrade to IE 5.5 or newer

Windows 98 users may need to additionally install the VB Runtimes (1mb), MDAC 2.5 RTM(7mb).

Windows 95 is not officially supported. You may be able to get it to run, I do not have a test machine available.

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