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IE WorkSpaces

    IE Workspaces is a program that will streamline your Internet researching and bookmark management.

    Often I find myself researching topics on the net that have me following links from page to page to page. If the parent page has other links that I feel I have to explore, my habit, is to right click on each link and open it in a new window. After several hours of research, I can easily have 10-15 windows open each aimed at a specific resource that I dont want to loose.

    This assortment of web pages that has taken me several hours to find is the concept of a workspace.

    If someone else wants to use the computer or if I have to move on to other things, I cannot leave all these windows open taking up system resources (not to mention my entire system tray.)

    I needed a way to easily bookmark all of these sites, and be able to restore the workspace so that I could pick up my research exactly where I had left it off. IE Workspaces is my solution.

    This program has given a tremendous boost to my efficiency and has also proven itself to be a very good way to track and organize bookmarks. The multiple workspaces serve as perfect dividers for catagories of links. Also, each link has an area where a brief description can be attached.

    Both the workspaces and record data can be easily manipulated with efficient right click menus.



Build new Workspace will create a new record containing all of the presently open IE windows and thier URLs. To restore a saved workspace, just click the restore option.

All of the URLs will be opened in thier own windows returning to you to where you were before your research was interuptered.

After a workspace is created, you can also easily add or delete links from it. You can either click on the add link option, or you can simply drag and drop the html document icon from the IE addressbar onto the right hand listview.

Once Urls are added, you can also edit thier Url or descriptions by double clicking on the specific entry. This will bring up the edit record dialog. The following picture shows how a url will appear when it contains querystring data and the Analyze function is used.


IE Workspaces is free software

The installer has all of the system dependancy files needed for Win 2k, XP, and ME systems. Windows 95 & 98 users may need to also download and install the Vb Runtimes, and MDAC 2.1

Free Download