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Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 12:30 am     Post subject: Component

VB Header

  1. Type Component
  2.   lStructSize    As Long ' 0x00 (00d) Actual size of this structure
  3.   oGuids         As Long ' 0x04 (04d) Offset to this object GUIDs
  4.   lUnknown1      As Long ' 0x08 (08d)
  5.   lUnknown2      As Long ' 0x0C (12d)
  6.   lUnknown3      As Long ' 0x10 (16d)
  7.   lUnknown4      As Long ' 0x14 (20d)
  8.   lUnknown5      As Long ' 0x18 (24d)
  9.   ouExtraInfo    As Long ' 0x1C (28d) Offset to some extra information (unicode)
  10.   lExtraInfoSize As Long ' 0x20 (32d) Size of the previous information
  11.   lNull1         As Long ' 0x24 (36d)
  12.   ontsFileName   As Long ' 0x28 (40d) Offset to File Name
  13.   ontsProgID     As Long ' 0x2C (44d) Offset to Programmatic ID
  14.   ontsName       As Long ' 0x30 (48d) Offset to Name
  15.                          ' 0x34 (52d) <- Structure Size
  16. End Type

* oGuids points to an array of GUIDs. I believe that the total size of this array is fixed and has 9 GUIDs: the first GUID is the ObjectCLSID, the second one is the EventsIID, the third is the DefaultIID and I don't know what the other 6 are or if they are GUIDs.
* ouExtraInfo is the offset to an Unicode string that usually is a GUID, copyright information or some garbage. The string that you find at this offset has lExtraInfoSize bytes.
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Posted: Sat Aug 05, 2006 5:47 pm     Post subject: lUUIDSize = 46 and now?

[:37u84syz]If lUUIDSize = -1 then there is no oUUID
If lUUIDSize = 72 then read a unicode UUID [/:37u84syz]

? lUUIDSize = 46 and now?

i have find this string at Offset .oUUID: qhj ZtuQha;jdfn[
What is it?

is the same for every "comctl32.ocx"

Greetings from Germany
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Joined: 21 Sep 2002
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Posted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 7:01 pm     Post subject: Re: Component

I have just updated this structure info. Please double check if you wish (;

VB-Monkey I'm sorry for the very late reply, and just in case that you are still arround, I've changed those field names to ouExtraInfo and lExtraInfoSize. Check the structure notes for more information.
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