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3A LitVarStr

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Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 7:27 pm     Post subject: 3A LitVarStr

NumBytes: 5<br>ArgStr: luaz<br>SrcStr: |<br>Comments: have something on this just confused
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Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:46 am     Post subject: Re: 3A LitVarStr

OpLitVarStr: ; CODE XREF: ProcCallEngine+F9j
ENGINE:7348E3C2 ; ProcCallEngine+14Fj ...
ENGINE:7348E3C2 movsx edi, word ptr [esi] ;get address to store string
ENGINE:7348E3C5 movzx eax, word ptr [esi+2];get constant pool index
ENGINE:7348E3C9 mov edx, [ebp-54h];get constant pool base address
ENGINE:7348E3CC mov eax, [edx+eax*4];get string constant address
ENGINE:7348E3CF add edi, ebp;calculate local variable address to store string
ENGINE:7348E3D1 mov word ptr [edi], 8
ENGINE:7348E3D6 mov [edi+8], eax;store string address ;
ENGINE:7348E3D9 push edi
ENGINE:7348E3DA xor eax, eax
ENGINE:7348E3DC mov al, [esi+4]
ENGINE:7348E3DF add esi, 5
ENGINE:7348E3E2 jmp ds:OpcodeTable[eax*4] ; jumptable 7348E9F8 case 28
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