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My Name is David Zimmer and I am the Reverse Engineer behind I have been working full time with DC area startups since 2003 and have spent years at iDefense, Verisign, iSight Partners, and FireEye. You can find my LinkedIn profile here

Areas of expertise includes:
  • Binary analysis
  • Binary RE-Engineering (adding new features or code reuse from binaries)
  • Malware analysis (pcap, office docs, executables, swf, pdf, scripts, etc)
  • Exploit verification / analysis
  • Code auditing
  • Testing / Auditing of source and compiled code
  • Custom tool development
  • RE training
  • File format and network protocol reversing
  • Documenting unknown software systems
  • Utilizing undocumented code libraries
  • Technical consulting (insight, design, implementation, trouble shooting)
Other skills at my disposal include:
  • embedded software
  • electronics
  • robotics
  • mechanical design
  • machine shop prototyping
I am also a VB6 expert and not afraid of jumping into old complex code bases.

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