PSC DVDs was a great resource. Developers from around the world all shared their creations in an open source community forum. The site could be harsh, and there was a lot of noise, but it also had some seriously good code on there as well. It is essentially the site that taught me how to code.

Over the years it accumulated more and more junk, but I guess I never lost my soft spot for it. The site crashed around 2016 or so due to disk corruption issues. It almost died then, but enough people begged Ian that he finally reconstituted the site from the PSC cd's he had.

Finally in 2021 the site went offline for good. The writing was on the wall from the first site crash. He said that ad revenue was no longer covering hosting costs. He went completely unresponsive when the site finally went down.

After the first crash, I crawled the site and built a database of all of the intermediate & advanced zip file submissions. I was able to capture 10391 entries with 673 zips missing due to site errors. The database is about 14mb backed by 2gb of files on disk for which I created a basic search interface for.

Other users have also come together and were able to locate other site mirrors and copies of the DVD sets Ian used to make available. Code from users all around the world should not be lost like this so archival efforts were undertaken to make it available once again.

With VB6 out of main stream popularity, a community resource such as this, built by so many, can not be lost.

A github orginazation was created which you can find here:

VbForum user lordNikon also provided copies of the DVD isos that Ian had made available for free download. I am mirroring the VB and C++ ones below: