TCP Stream Reassembly

Author: David Zimmer
Date: 12.09.13 - 3:08pm

I wanted a quick tool to do tcp stream reassembly. Extracting binary data out of wireshark is kind of annoying. I searched around and found a command line tool named tcprecon by Saar Yahalom that could reassemble the streams to binary files, but I wanted a little bit more. Using tcprecon as a starting point, I spent the weekend coding to give it a basic but manageable GUI with a couple more perks.

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So basically you feed it a pcap, it will reassemble all the tcp streams saving them to a binary file (one per host/port stream). The offsets of request/response are recorded and shown in the treeview which highlights the data blocks in a hex editor. You can auto extract blocks per stream, or just copy out the binary block from the hexeditor pane.

It also has text, web, and image view panes, and supports chunked transfer encoding and gzip decompression of http responses. It also includes scripting capabilities to parse,search, and extract data from the pcap.

Additionally all web and dns requests are auto extracted and shown in their own listviews on parsing. I was able to parse a 6.5mb pcap on a 6yr old machine in .3 seconds. Should have minimal ram requirements because of how its coded.

Its written in C# and makes use of SharpPcap. Precompiled binaries are included in the github repository. See the readme for credits and dependencies.

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On 01.06.14 - 7:37am GB wrote:
Nice! Would try it out. I use Network Miner which is also cool with a great UI.

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