Nissan Dealer Fubar

Author: Dave
Date: 03.16.24 - 8:25pm

So when I bought my new nissan pickup, I asked the dealer to installer a brake controller I had. They did not have the plug in adapter and I asked if they could just splice it in like in the old days.

They baulked and I should have taken the hint. So they charged me an extra $150 for the labor then did this:

Instead of clipping off the plug and doing a proper splice, they used the wrong size vampire taps and halfway severed every wire. They did cut one wire completely. Used a poor crimp connector vrs soldered joint on it and wrapped the whole mess in electrical tape. Really not safe guys. I will assume this was a form of protest and a personal FU. (They were also pretty jerky when I asked them where the telematics module was, they actually even grilled one of their own mechanics when he asked)

When I went to inspect their work several months later I was like wwttffff. I ordered the proper connector for $15 (they wanted $75). I had to take part of the dash apart and painstakingly strip, wrap, and solder all 5 of the damaged wires to restore integrity to the compromised setup. Stripping a half severed wire in a hard to reach spot involved a red hot exacto knife and some degree of bodily contortion.

I guess they showed me...

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