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Yara WorkBench v1.0.106

Yara WorkBench is a free Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for working with Yara. This tool allows you to quickly write and test new match signatures.

  • syntax highlighting
  • code completion for internal functions and modules
  • extensible type system for custom modules
  • ability to scan individual files or directories
  • bench marking statistics for each file
  • number of rules and signature matches per file
  • shows file offset and PE virtual address for each match
  • hexdump and 32/64 bit PE disassembly per match
  • quickly determine match quality
  • dump module information
  • library manager
  • test rules against multiple old yara versions
  • navigator form to extract and jump to specific rules
  • easily sort and move samples by rule and match status

Screen shots (Click to enlarge)

Main UI


Dump Module

Rule Navigator

Yara WorkBench is compatible with all Windows operating systems from XP SP3 - Windows 10.