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Yara WorkBench v1.0.133

Yara WorkBench is a free IDE for working with Yara. This tool allows you to quickly write and test new match signatures.

  • Yara Engine: 4.3.1
  • syntax highlighting
  • object browser with doc strings for YARA modules
  • code completion for internal functions and modules
  • extensible type system for custom modules
  • ability to scan individual files or directories
  • bench marking statistics for each file
  • number of rules and signature matches per file
  • shows file offset and PE virtual address for each match
  • hexdump and 32/64 bit PE disassembly per match
  • quickly determine match quality
  • dump module information
  • library manager
  • test rules against multiple old yara versions
  • navigator form to extract and jump to specific rules
  • easily sort and move samples by rule and match status
  • Javascript automation to post process match results.

Screen shots (Click to enlarge)

Main UI


Dump Module

Rule Navigator

Object Browser

Automation Objects

Yara WorkBench is compatible with Vista+ systems.