Configuring Sleuth to use a System DSN

As of this build, you use an alternative format to the Access 97 Sleuth.mdb database
file. With this new hidden feature, you can now use any database engine that your system
has ODBC drivers for including database servers such as MySql or SqlServer.

To use an alternative database format:

1) Create a new blank database 

2) Connect/Open the new database and do an ODBC import of all
    of the tables found in sleuth.mdb

3) Create a System DSN named "SLEUTH" pointed at this database

4) Open up regedit to the following registry key 

   HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Sleuth\General

   If you have run Sleuth 1.42 at least once you should see a field named
   "UseSleuthDSN" with an initial value of 0.
   If the key does not yet exist, run Sleuth 1.42 to make sure it appears.
   If it doesnt, reinstall a newer version of Sleuth because the version you
   have does not have this feature.
   When the key appears, change its value to 1

4) Fire up sleuth and bring up the options form, you should see a white label
    that says it is using the system DSN.