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Have you created a new plugin for Sleuth that you would like to share (or sell) to the world ? Let me know and I will add your link to this page.

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  • Stunnel Config

        Plugin and standalone exe versions of a config utility to help you easily make raw http requests over SSL with winsock only clients (such as the Sleuth RawRequest). Read the paper for download links and to learn how to set it up. Plugin compatiable with both Sleuth 1.36 and 1.4x

    (Licensed 1.4 users can log into the new members section to download a new beta version of RawRequest which now has built in SSL support.)

    Author: David Endler

        This plugin Contains functionality to brute force basic-auth, session-ids and can analyze sequential cookies from a server

    Author: Chip Andrews

        This plugin requires SA privileges on MS-SQL server to run a trace on input as it is sent through a form to see if it is vulnerable to sql injection.

    Author: Cesar Cerrudo, independent security consultant

        This plugin will spider a sight to the desired depth and will break down and catalog each page it finds including form elements, links, cookies etc.

  • - Forms username/pass brute force plugin
    Author: Gonzalo Álvarez Marañón

        This plugin is based on David Endlers Sessions code and it adds the ability to brute force username/password forms.

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